DenimBlog x Earnest Sewn 30 Day Denim Challenge – Part 2

So we have now finished wearing our Earnest Sewn jeans for 1 week exactly and we are starting to see a little bit of change. We still have 3 more weeks to go of wearing them everyday, but we have documented our first week below with some pictures so you can see their progress since our first post here.


My jeans have started to wrinkle and crease a little in the lap area and behind the knees, which was what I expected. They have also creased up around the hem line where they have been stacked at the ankles due to the inseam being a little bit long. Since this is only the first week, not a lot will actually happen, but it is really nice to see just how a few wears can make a difference to pair of jeans.

As these are not completely raw denim, I am not expecting too much from them, so I don’t expect to see some drastic fading or anything like that, but I do expect to see a little bit of natural wear. I have some plans of what I might do soon which involves a bit of sanding and distressing, but I am not 100% sure exactly which route I might take. I’m going to wear them a lot more first before making any changes to them!


I’ve enjoyed wearing these jeans for the past week! With the weather being warmer, I’ve been wearing them slightly cuffed with flats and sandals. One thing that I like so much about them is that they’re lighter and really stretchy so they’re not too hot as the weather starts to warm up. The fabric is great, really stretchy and comfortable but not too thin that they’re more like jeggings. I’ve started to see some wear lines/wrinkles but no signs of fading yet, which is good, since I really love the wash. I’m excited to see what they look like with more wear.


There wasn’t really much change in the jeans this week with the fading. They did get some abrasion on the front left pocket (where I keep my phone) and the back left (where I keep my wallet). I also got some wear at the bottom of the jeans from stepping on them. Other than those places, there has been little change other than whiskering at the back of the knees and ankles. Hopefully the whiskering does get stronger as the next few weeks go by.

I’ve been thinking about adding a few tears into the jeans, but I am still unsure if I want to. One at the knee, a couple on the opposite leg under the front pocket, and shred the pockets a bit. I’m not sure yet though. I’ll let you guys know by next week.


  1. I’m not a fan of embroidered sort of jeans, I wont do that to mine. I prefer to keep them classic. He did it well though, behind the pocket, but it’s not my style at all 🙂

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