Denim Short Shorts, Knicker Shorts & Hot Pants

Denim short shorts, knicker shorts, hot pants… whatever you want to call them, are on the rise. As the weather gets warmer I am constantly seeing them out and about as they are available to buy on the high street everywhere. Topshop, Urban Outfitters and lots of other high street stores are stocking their own cheek baring denim shorts and everyone seems to be jumping on the trend.

The annoying thing for myself is that I love some of the denim shorts that are out, they have really cute distressed styles, brightly coloured pairs as well as studded and laced, but I wont wear them. I am definitely not brave enough to go out and about with half of my butt cheeks on display for the world to see. I really don’t think it’s a good look. Some girls can definitely get away with it if they have confidence and style, but the only way I can wear these adorable little shorts is with leggings or tights.

I remember when everyone started bringing back the vintage Levi’s jeans and chopping them up into shorts quite some time ago. I think this trend has really developed from that as those Levi’s jeans shorts seem to be getting shorter and shorter as the years go by. It’s been somewhat of a gradual process of leading up to these knicker style shorts.

I do own a few pairs; a pair of vintage Levi’s and two Topshop high rise cut offs (one with sequins and the other with crochet), but like I said above, I will only wear them with leggings or tights. Sometimes I wear a really long cardigan so they are only visible from the front and not the back. Anyway, my point to this post is this: Are you brave enough to wear them and what do you honestly think of them? Comment and let me know as I am really intrigued on what everyone thinks of this trend.

What do you think of Denim Short Shorts?

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  1. I will wear them around the house and drive my hubby wild, but not in public, no way. That is way too much skin for me.

  2. I guess I get wearing it with tights/leggings but still it would have to be a bit longer that the one in the pic where most of that woman’s rear is left hanging out. Sorry, just don’t see how any self-respecting girl would wear something like that.

    I guess I just don’t get trends – aren’t these just cutoffs of the oft-maligned 80’s “mom-jeans” ?

  3. They pretty much are yeah, you just chop up a vintage pair of Levi’s, super short, but then other stores created their own new take on them. Some trends I get, some I just don’t lol.

  4. i like shorts, but not this short!
    i have some old 501 cutoffs but they have an inseam! i feel at 27 im even too old to get away with something that short! The only time i did was 2 years ago in Thailand… and even those shorts didnt show my butt!

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