Press Day Preview: Wrangler Autumn/Winter 2012

Here are some photos of the denim from the new Autumn/Winter 2012 Wrangler collection. They didn’t actually feature as much denim as I had hoped for at the press day, they seemed to focus a little more on their other clothing, but the pieces they did have seemed quite nice. I have included more men’s photos (first 6 photos) than women’s (last 3 photos) as the men’s collection seemed a lot bigger than the women’s.

They had a lot of denim jackets and shirts for the ladies, more so than jeans, I didn’t actually see many jeans for the women, maybe one or two pairs, the rest of the collection was mostly about their other clothing and their denim shirting. I think that’s because those are the most popular for the ladies though, I don’t see many ladies in Wrangler jeans, but I do see them in their denim jackets and shirts.

For the guys, they featured an array of everything, quite a few jeans, some denim jackets, some denim shirts and lots of plaid lumberjack style shirts and padded jackets. Judging from the display table, it looks like they went down the route of keeping the American theme that’s behind the brand. Some of the washes on the jeans (especially the pair on the mannequin) looked really pretty. I love the mid blue it has and how detailed they are. So what do you think of the new Wrangler Autumn/Winter 2012 collection?

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