Press Day Preview: Replay Autumn/Winter 2012

Here are a few photos from the new Autumn/Winter 2012 Replay Denim collection. The photo above is of a pair of men’s jeans from their new laserblast technology line, as you can see, they look so pretty! I love how the wash came out.

I’ve included some of the women’s pieces (first 6 photos) which feature printed and coloured jeans, dungarees/overalls, shirts and dresses and for the men (last 3 photos), I have included a denim jacket and mostly jeans as they didn’t have such a wide clothing selection as the women.

I’ve never actually worn many jeans from Replay. I have only tried the brand about 6 or so years ago, but I am definitely interested in trying the new laserblast pairs! What do you think of the new Replay Autumn/Winter 2012 collection? I apologise that the photos are quite dark, the room was not very well lit, it only had coloured spotlights, so the photos didn’t come out so well.

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