Press Day Preview: Nudie Fall/Winter 2012

Here are some photos from the Nudie Fall/Winter 2012 press day in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend, but our LA correspondent Chanelle was able to and got these photos for us.

The Fall Winter 2012 season delivers a unisex denim collection produced entirely from 100% organic cotton – everything down to pocket linings, buttons, rivets and labeling are all raw materials. Since the brand was founded in 2001, there has been a long term vision of producing organic collections and this Fall we come one step closer.

Inspiration looks to the historic Swedish working culture, harmonized with the use of Japanese plaid fabrics and subdued autumnal tones. Denim breathes nostalgia, with romantic washed blues and greys juxtaposed against strong dry selvage styles, with a hit of irony seen in the Icon Orange.

I think they have some great pieces here. I find you always get that same Nudie vibe in every collection of theirs, which is good because it means they stay true to who they are as a brand. What do you think of the collection guys?

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