Paris Hilton in Paige

Paris Hilton arrived at LAX and took some time to sign photos for fans. We haven’t seen as much of Paris lately, but she will be coming out with new music this summer. Paris said, “I was just in the studio with Redfoo the other night, so we’re going to be doing my new single with LMFAO. I’m so excited. The music’s turning out so great and I can’t wait to release it this summer!”

Paris wore a pair of Paige Denim flares with a simple sweater. I’m not normally a big fan of Paris‘ style, but I do think these look really cute on her. I’d like the outfit more if she switched the sweater out for a blouse or blazer. You can buy Paige jeans online at

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  1. I would like to know, if possible, what style exactly these jeans are. I can not figure it out. Thanks!