DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview With Jimmy Taverniti

I caught up with Jimmy Taverniti of Jimmy Taverniti denim to find out more about his new denim brand and the reasons behind it. Also, for you denim lovers that know your stuff, I asked the important question of whether or not he’s related to Ben Taverniti! You can see the interview below. Have any of you tried Jimmy Taverniti jeans yet?

DB: Hi Jimmy, can you tell us a bit about your brand, Jimmy Taverniti?

An iconic approach to design based on vintage clothing, objects, images of American daily life from 50 to 80. I seek inspiration in personal experiences, the kind that culturally build a personality. Taverniti’s product have an identity, for customers who want a product with strong personality.

DB: I’m sure this is a question a lot of us denim lovers want to know, are you related to Ben Taverniti?

Benjamin is my son.

DB: So denim is a big part of your family! What inspired you to create your own denim brand?

My dreams about America.

DB: Do you have a specific audience you think your brand will target?

18-45 YEAR OLD: women and men. A HIGH END FASHION CONSCIOUS CONSUMER, who looks for no non-sense, credible fashion brands that encompass not only the latest trends but also timeless elegance and quality.

DB: What makes denim so important to you? I can see it runs in the family!

The challenge, what ‘s new to do?

DB: What can we expect to see from your brand for Spring/Summer 2012?

Colors, denim, capri, linen grand father shorts and pants, stripes, silk shirts. Regarding denim: bicolore denim, with red or blue spray paint inside the jeans or the short. I have my second son, Clement, who is working also in the denim and sportswear industry as a designer too.

DB: How many jeans do you personally own?

Oh! long story, I am a collector since I was 17. Too many to count!

DB: That’s funny! That’s the age I started! What’s your favourite jean you have designed?

When I started denim in America 6 years ago, I decided to have jeans with a new design that was not a 5 pocket. I had my studio in Paris and came here for a few weeks to have the line done, I stayed for 1 month closed in the hotel in Los Angeles with my assistant, and I created the 7 pockets: THE JANIS for women, and the Jimmy for Men. It was the first denim with double pockets on the back (weltloops and pockets on the bottom). Still today, customers recognize my jeans from this original design.

DB: So what makes your jeans different to all of the others on the market?


DB: Thank you Jimmy!

Written by Lorna Burford