Denim Review: Kasil Benatar Skinny Jeans in Hitchhiker

This weeks denim review is on the Kasil Benatar skinny jeans in Hitchhiker which were sent for reviewing by Kasil. I originally saw these jeans on the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried (here) and fell in love with them from the first sight! The wash was what really caught my attention and I was so excited to be able to try them and review them for you all.

When I first got these jeans, my initial thoughts were ‘wow, I’m actually going to be reviewing a ‘blue wash’ instead’ because usually, even though I love the current trends and colours, I am mostly reviewing fashion jeans and on trend jeans and I do begin to miss wearing my classic blues with a pretty wash.

This Hitchhiker wash is actually quite different to Amanda Seyfried’s, I believe she’s worn and washed hers a bit as hers don’t have the sandy undertone and are a more lighter blue. If that is what these will turn out like after a while, I can’t wait to wear them more. What I love about it the most is the deep set wrinkling it has on the backs of the knees (the honeycombs) and down the calves (the stacking) which can sort of compare to a very very worn in and washed out pair of raw jeans. That is the feeling I get when I look at these jeans, especially when they are laid flat, they are just beautiful! The lap whiskers are also very well done because when you sit down, it looks like they crease in the same places that the fabric does when you sit down.

They definitely have a dirty undertone to them, like they have been rolled around in the sand and mud quite a bit and washed out, but some staining was left. They also have a hole at one of the knees, it’s only a small one, but I can imagine that it will get bigger over time, only adding to the look of the jeans. They also have a bit of a blow out hole on one of the back pockets, a bit like if you keep your wallet in there and it wore the fabric down with the corner of it. That’s why these really remind me of raw jeans and I’m sure the name ‘Hitchhiker’ is representative of that. Someone who travels around with no plan and the jeans get really worn in and dirty.

Sometimes I find it really cool how washes can tell a story. I myself always end up picturing how these jeans could have naturally ended up the way they are and the story behind it. It fascinates me. I never really realise how much of a denim addict I am until it comes to getting my hands on amazingly done washes and I can really appreciate them and the denim.

Now the fit of these jeans, the Benatar, is the same as a pair of Kasil jeans I reviewed before, it’s a lower-mid rise skinny jean with quite a long inseam. I did have to tuck the hems under a bit actually to fit into my shoes because they are too long for me. Amanda Seyfried cuffed hers and I was actually thinking of trying that, but such a large cuff often makes my legs look shorter than they are. Next time I might try pushing the stacking down quite a lot or bunch tucking them. The back pocket placement on the Benatar is really good too, it’s symmetrical and you can tell they paid close attention to the positioning because they flatter your butt nicely.

It was nice reviewing a pair of jeans again actually, instead of jeggings. Don’t get me wrong, I adore jeggings and live in them for comfort, but it’s a nice change. It takes some while getting used to regular denim after being in super stretch for long periods of time. These are still comfortable though, they fit quite snug (I took a 27 which is my usual size) and they do give a small amount of muffin top, but since they are brand new they haven’t even stretched out yet. They have stretch to them and are not super thick either, they are a regular weight denim and they feel quite nice too. I’m so glad I was able to try these because I have fallen for them based on the wash alone. I’m definitely a sucker for an amazingly detailed wash! Buy these online at Couture Candy for $172.

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  1. Aaaagh I also just noticed, did you get the Isabel Marant sneakers? I’m a little bit in love with them, love the colour you have there, though there is something about the off-white ones!

  2. Hi sab 🙂 Thank you! I didn’t get highlights, not since last year, but I did have my hair cut last week and that always freshens it up and makes it brighter so that’s probably why! Plus, when the sun comes out it naturally goes lighter anyway and more dark in the winter. I have seasonal hair, ha ha!

    I didn’t get the Isabel Marant ones, they are the Ash Bowie wedge sneakers. They are a lot cheaper and I love them more because they are slimmer and not so chunky. I have big feet for my frame, so the Isabel Marant ones would most likely make me look like a clown! I love the Ash Bowie’s though! I definitely recommend them! Thanks for your lovely comments as usual!

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