Denim Review: G-Star 5620 Super Skinny 7/8 Comfort Piedra Denim in Aged

This weeks review is on the G-Star 5620 Super Skinny 7/8 Comfort Piedra Denim jeans in Aged. If you remember my G-Star Spring/Summer 2012 picks post that I did a little while ago, you will remember that these were my favourite pair from the selection. I was very happy when G-Star said they would send them over to review!

It’s actually been a while since I reviewed anything from the brand, I think the last pair I did was the Fender in a coated black. So it’s a nice change to try the brand out again. One thing I will say about G-Star is that they always get their fits so right! I find their jeans are literally tailored to perfection, but in a different way to most. They seem to use thicker denim, so their jeans are definitely more structured, but at the same time they have the fit down to an art form, so combining the fit with the thicker denim really makes them amazingly fitted. It’s nice to wear a pair of jeans that fill so well instead of jeggings. I adore jeggings and live in them most of the time due to the comfort factor, but this particular pair, I’m so happy about wearing.

Originally what drew me to these jeans was the grey wash. I’m a big fan of grey jeans and I don’t actually own that many of them unfortunately, but I thought it was very pretty. Grey is one of those jeans washes that either looks really nice, or really bad, I find there is no in between. This pair has fading in all the right areas to make them flattering (specifically around the knees and butt) and it’s a grey that has a depth to it. It’s not just a flat looking shade. The only parts of the wash I am not fond of are the 2 lighter areas up by the hips at the front. I feel like those throw them off a little bit and make my thighs look larger than they are.

I’m pretty sure you can see from the photos that the jeans are a really good fit though. The inseam is the perfect length and since it has a ankle zipper, that’s something that has to be right otherwise the zipper bunches up and looks a bit funny. The back pocket placement is really good, they are so flattering on the butt. They fit me skinny all the way down to the ankles and they have quite a low rise which is something I prefer in my jeans as it’s more suited to my shape than higher rises are.

The only issue I found with them was that my knees were a little higher (only a bit) than the moto stitching, they fit in the moto stitched area, but you can see in the photos that it’s not quite central, but again this is something that will vary with every person. Since the inseam is the correct length on me, I probably don’t have the same thigh to calf ratio as the fit model or since these are called 7/8, they are supposed to be cropped and my legs are not long enough. I prefer them full length though!

Another thing which I was happy about with these jeans was the fact that they are not heavily branded. Usually G-Star are known for having their tags and big patches quite heavily positioned on the jeans, but these are about as minimal as you can get from the brand. I love that about them because I am really not one for over branding. As for sizing, I took a size 27 in these which is my usual size in most brands and they fit fine. The waist area is quite tight and a little stiff, but that’s nothing that some wet denim stretching wont fix.

Overall, I really really like these jeans and they would be perfect if I could make those 2 minor adjustments I spoke about. You can buy these jeans online at the G-Star website here for ┬ú109, but they don’t look like they do on their website, they look like my photos, I think their contrast is heavily done.

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  1. i agree, the blasting on the front thigh really isnt needed or would look better decreased as they throw the balance off. Other then that, not bad for GStar! Cant say im a fan but these are nice!