Zac Efron in Diesel Thanaz 73J

I was so excited when I saw these photos! Zac Efron is back in his old Diesel jeans! He wore his Diesel Thanaz 73J jeans as he checked into his hotel in Los Angeles, California a few days ago after arriving back from his press tour.

Zac has been living in his WeSC jeans recently, but I am so glad he made a change and wore these! I miss his old Diesel jeans! I’ve always loved Zac’s denim style, he picks some amazing denim to wear and he always styles it well. I think he just has one of those guys body shapes that can wear anything and look good. Hopefully he wears more Diesel soon! Buy Diesel online at


  1. Gosh they are so old now! I think maybe 2 years or more old? I haven’t seen any around in ages! Have you tried maybe calling some outlets? It’s unlikely they would have them, but you never know! Your best bet might be eBay, but make sure they are authentic! If you need help checking they are real, you can let me know!

  2. Thank you very much Lorna! They are really old. If I find them we will write to you that you have helped me. Now I’m looking for them in the sales on the site and ibey.