WIN A $200 Gift Card For INDi Custom Denim

This contest is closed and the winner is Lauren Urbanek. Congratulations!

We have teamed up with INDi Custom Denim to offer you DenimBlog readers the chance to win a $200 gift card to their store! INDi Custom are known for making custom fit jeans that are tailored specifically to your measurements and requirements, all done by a form that you fill out on their website when creating your custom jeans!

Skinny, straight, boot cut, or flare… Certain styles may work better with certain body types and we want you to tell us your favourite style and why it works for you! That’s all you have to do to enter the contest. Be sure to leave a valid name and email address in the boxes provided when commenting. The one lucky winner will receive a $200 gift card to be used at to create their own pair of custom jeans.

The contest starts at 9AM PT on 17th April 2012 and will end on the 30th April 2012 at 11:59:59PM PT. Please make sure you read all of the contest rules by clicking here so you can make sure your entry is eligible. Good luck everyone!


  1. My favorite style of jeans are skinny jeans b/c I’m petite with small curves and I love how skinny jeans show off my figure. I also think skinny jeans are the most versatile for styling. Thanks!

  2. I am a huge boot cut fan. I work out so my upper legs are more muscular..with a boot cut they look even!

  3. I love my boot cut jeans..they are so versatile for day and night wear, I wear them low waisted and tight….so comfy!

  4. I find flared jeans to be the most flattering on me (and therefore my favorite style of the moment). They simultaneously disguise my hips and accentuate them–defying logic, as if to say, “I *meant* my body to look curvy like this” (not “this is just how I was born, and I’m simply coping with it”).

    A good pair of dark flared jeans works equally well for work and once (dressed up) for night. My go-to look is flares + black crew-neck tee + rust-brown belt + sky-high heels. Makes me feel very 70s!

  5. My favorite cuts are straight-leg and skinny bootcut. They are the best styles for making my short legs look significantly longer!! They also go with everything I wear 🙂

  6. I love skinny jeans because I have rather short legs and the inseam for skinny jeans fit me the best. It also allows for proportions like volumizing tops. I also like how there are so many different colors for skinny jeans. I think it’d look wrong for flared jeans to be neon yellow or green.

  7. I prefer tight fitting boot cut or skinny jeans that I can cuff at the bottom. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  8. I love a good, simple straight leg jean, but it has to fit just right. I have a small waist and athletic thighs, so finding the right fit is really hard.

  9. I love skinny jeans! Bootcuts and straights just tend to make my bottom half look huge and the tapering of skinny jeans works insanely well for me.

  10. I am a huge fan of skinny jeans, even though I’m not skinny at all. They hug my curves and always make me feel fashionable.

  11. Let me tell you why I like jeans that are sort of inbetween ‘skinny’ and ‘slim fit’. I love jeans that are not too skinny such that you look too extreme, and not too baggy like conventional jeans that 95% of the population wears. ‘Semi-slim’ fits like Thin Flynns from nudie is not ‘too-much’ but leaves you looking great, fashionable and well put together. Semi-slim fits for are awesome!

  12. I love skinny jeans. Not the crazy stick to your skin skinny but the kind that can fit inside your boots nicely in the winter and then look great with flats/heels in the springtime. I feel like I have a hard time pairing boot cuts with anything lately.

  13. I like simple slim-fit straight cut jeans because they seem to flatter my small, short frame best and are easy to wear with anything.

  14. Definitely my favorite denim style is the skinny jeans, not only does it make your body look baggin, but when i put them on it just feels no nice snugg with a great fit. Skinny jeans also look fab with loose shirts heels or even a fitted shirt and a pair converse. Their so versatile and can really match any style, in any season at any time..and that why i LOVE them!.

  15. I like the slim fit jeans with narrow legs – I’m vertically challenged and having the slimmer legs looks better than a boot cut. I have one pair of Indi jeans that I practically live in, must get more!

  16. I am petite (5’3) so a skinny jean really helps to not add all that extra bulk that some of the flared styles can add. I used to buy only boot cut, not aware of the fact that by the time I had hemmed 4 inches off the bottom, the cut of the jean had completely changed. I tend to prefer a lower rise skinny to a mid rise, as they sit better on my hips, and dont cut in at the waist as much. Like I mentioned before, I’m petite, so even with skinny jeans, in order to avoid all of that unflattering bagging at the ankles, I tend to buy crop pairs, or ankle skinnies, which tend to be the appropriate length on me.

  17. I love skinny jeans..I’m tall and when I pair them with stiletto’s I have a great look!

  18. I never thought I would, but I love skinny jeans. I got a pair of James Jeans Twiggy and I was hooked! Even with curves, skinny jeans conform to my shape and elongate my legs giving such a sleek look. They are my new favorite style! I highly recommend them to any girl with curves!

  19. My favorite style of jeans is boot-cut. The bottom opening balances out the curves of my hips to give a more proportional look. They also make my legs look longer and leaner.

  20. My favorite jeans are flares and wide legs because I am top heavy and have long legs, so it helps me look more proportionate! Thanks!

  21. skinny! i love when they’re slightly cropped at the ankle, I’m short with slim legs and I feel they’re the most flattering on me!

  22. ive worn my bootcut for years now and now tryed skinny jeans and i have to say the skinny jeans are my favorite. makes my legs look great.

  23. My favorite style would be bootcut. Although, many times I do not wear boots with them, they are just the right amount of “flare”. Flare jeans are usually too much flare for me, which is why I like bootcut, because when I do wear boots they look amazing! 🙂

  24. My favorite style of jean is dark wash skinny jeans because I am slim petite and a little curvaceous, this style gives me the best look sophisticated and chic. I LOVE DENIM in General though ; I might slightly obsessed and my collection is vast. *blushes*

  25. My favorite style of jean is a dark denim boot cut pair with 2% lycra or spandex. This style is so easy to be dressed up or down and matches everything. The little bit of stretch is just enough to make them extra comfortable but not sloppy looking.

  26. My favorite style of jeans is straight leg – although I’m on the slim side I still have hips so the straight leg balances me out whilst still looking long and lean (and giving the illusion of a skinny jean) Plus when they’re in a dark denim you can pair them with anything and they always look classic and stylish!

  27. my favorite style of jeans are definitely bootcut. I am pretty short/petite and flares always make me look shorter than I really am. Skinny jeans also accentuate my short legs so boot cut jeans are the perfect style for me. I can use it with flat or heels and it will still look awesome regardless

  28. I like dark rinse, mid rise, either bootcut or straight leg because it is the most flattering

  29. I love bootcut jeans, because the slight flair on the leg helps balance out the shape of my bum! Skinny jeans are a nightmare! I have short legs so a shorter inseam are preferred and I would love a pair of white jeans for the summer!

  30. I prefer bootcut because I own and ride horses and bootcut jeans look best over my riding boots :-).

  31. I LOVE skinny jeans! I feel like they’re very flattering on my petite frame and they can look good with flats, boots, or heels! They’re the most versatile jeans style!! I live a medium blue, slightly distressed look, because that fits my personal aesthetic!

  32. The flare jeans work best for me! I think they’re the most flattering for my frame. I’m 5’6″ and small boned. It seems to accent the good part of my figure & give me more curves in the right places.

  33. Skinny jeans are my favorite! I’m 5’9″ and I never have to worry about hemming them – they look good ankle length OR bunched at the bottom!!

  34. My fave style of jeans is a book cut in a dark wash rinse. The bootcut in a mid rise fit is one that best flatters my figure and give me a slim look. The dark wash rinse finish also helps to enhance the slimming look!

    eyewonit (AT) aol [dot] com

  35. I love a relaxed fit, straight cut jean. Gotta have a little room for the bubble butt. Just a little relaxed does the job.

  36. I’m petite with athletic thighs, no hips, and a butt. Skinny jeans with a little stretch work well around all the curves! Fortunately, cropped styles in regular length also work as regular length denim.

  37. Boot cut works for me makes my legs look longer & leaner with heels/wedges they’re perfect!

  38. Midrise bootcut! I have a .8 hip to waist ratio, so it’s super difficult to find the perfect jeans! I would love these 🙂

  39. I like boot cut jeans because they make me look slimmer and somewhat taller especially with heels on. I am a mother so I am always busy and going. Boot cut jeans make me look somewhat polished

  40. I was converted to the skinny only 3 years ago. Nowadays I wear more than just skinny skinnies and broadened my horizons into the skinny boot, skinny straight, and the skinny flare. As long as it grips my leg to the knee (with two of my pair as exceptions), I must have them. Jeans should be all about showing those lady curves.

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