The New Firetrap Skyler Jegger

The new Skyler-jegger from Firetrap is designed to revolutionise your denim collection. It’s unique in design as the jean has 100% stretch denim which is one of the highest extensions in the denim market today.

The jean offers high performance recovery with great freedom of movement, covering the body without restriction with a high level of comfort. I think they look really cool and everyone loves jeggings! Especially jeggings that are more affordable! You can watch the video above and shop the collection by clicking here.


  1. just terrible!!
    Jean means something far from what I saw in video. Two or three percent of elastic fibres are ok, help to have more confort, but those leggings jeans-looking are just 5 pockets leggings jeans-looking, not JEANS.
    Those are only GMO jeans, and to me GMO is something wrong, a way to be against Nature.
    It’s possible to have very fitting tailored JEANS, even without all that stretching, but to reach it it’s needed a good paperpattern maker, good tailors, good precious fabrics. Not easy nowsaday. I found all those elements here in Italy and this pushed me to develop a new “tailored concept”. I’ll contact you when it’ll birth.

    About 20-30 years ago leggings were a big trend, then (fortunately) they disappeared cos’ became “unstylish”, cheap, etc.
    Well I hope they’ll disappear soon again.
    Pls, stop these “crimes”!!!!

    Bye from Italy.

  2. “Real Denim” is rarely reviewed on this blog, if ever.
    Jeggings is the current trend, im sure Denim enthusiasts who are into Selvage and vintage looms, tailoring etc would be more inclined to be looking at Oki-ni 🙂

  3. We review the current trends and the current jeans that are popular at the moment, the ones that a lot of celebs are seen in because those are what seem to sell most and what our readers love, the fast fashion type of jeans.

    I’ve been denim addicted for many many years now and I did start out with what you would call ‘real denim’, I had raw selvedge jeans and thick organic heavy ounce jeans, loads of Diesel jeans, some that were 100% cotton and some that were stretch. But over the years, I have drifted away from those because they are just not comfortable or flattering to me. Walking around in 14oz denim is really uncomfortable and constricting and the way they are cut just doesn’t flatter the body shape, neither does 100% cotton most of the time because it doesn’t cling or hug a females curves.

    I agree with what you said Kate, definitely head over to Oki-ni if you are looking to buy those kind of jeans. But I disagree with Anto on the whole jeggings being unflattering and not nice, they are actually really wonderful. I’m not talking about leggings with pockets, but super stretchy denim like Hudson’s Nico or Paige’s Verdugo or even J Brand’s 901, they are really really flattering, pretty, nice and comfortable, as well as being made from soft denim.

  4. and thats why we all love denim, because its ever evolving…. good pattern cutting is needed across all jeans, stretch or not…

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