Press Day Preview: G-Star Raw Autumn/Winter 2012

Here is a preview of what’s to come from the new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from G-Star Raw. I have 3 photos from the official press day (bottom 3 in the gallery) and my own photos which I took from the PR companies showroom. I didn’t photo the entire collection as it was huge, so I took a mix of women’s and men’s pieces which stood out the most from the denim collection and avoided most of the classic blues so I could show you something new from the brand instead.

They definitely went for Autumn/Fall appropriate colours with the dark oranges, browns, creams and red tones. They also had some motor cycle inspired jeans which are a lot different to the usual moto fashion jeans. This new take on the trend means that you can actually ride a motor cycle in them. They have reinforcements around the knees and they are more flexible for movement while riding. I thought they were pretty cool! They are the dark blue (almost raw looking) pair of jeans towards the right in the photos. I also liked the men’s denim jacket, it had some nice whiskering and fading.

Overall I think they have some great pieces. The women’s selection seems more subtle as well, it’s not as heavily branded as I have seen in the past. They have gone for more simplicity instead. I’ve also included some denim accessories which I thought were really interesting! What do you think of the new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from G-Star?

Images courtesy of G-Star &