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I got the opportunity to visit the Nudie Jeans house in LA last week and I could not have been more thrilled. I’ve always felt that Nudie was stepping up the denim game and have always respected what they have been about. As I walked in to the warm, cozy room I was greeted by the ever so lovely Ruari and was offered a latte or “water in a box” (as apposed to water in a plastic bottle well, because it’s more eco friendly of course!) and we began our journey.

The 600 sq foot House opened up in early September 2011 and is in an ideal location. The house is a small little bungalow off Melrose Blvd. smack dab in the middle of West Hollywood and is made out of wood with rod iron accents, chalkboard walls and a gorgeous sky light in the middle of the roof bringing a great light to the space. I was taken around the LA house which serves as a denim sanctuary, showroom and retail space open to the public. Not only can go you shop there but you can bring your old damaged Nudie’s in for repair or come in for an alterations clinic (which is why they have that rad sewing machine in the building).

I browsed, touched, and fell in love with the line, bungalow and brand all together leaving me wanting to own every pair of Nudie Jeans that they produce. To give you an idea of what Nudie is all about, in the fall they launched their Repair: Reuse: Reduce program which sees old Nudie Jeans repaired and recycled for sale again.

Also on display at the LA house is their Woad / Guado collection which is a limited edition line made out of the traditional way to make indigo. The dyestuff is from the Woad plant and is very labor intensive as it takes 1000 kilos of leaves to make 1 kilo of dyestuff. This line is only at a select number of Nudie stores and the LA store has it. Nudie loves encouraging a sustainable lifestyle and it shows through their brand and the way they produce it.

Another awesome little fact about Nudie for all of you LA residents… The rad dudes at Handsome Coffee House in the Arts District in Downtown all sport Nudie aprons. They are world class professional coffee makers that roast their own beans and travel the world to find the best ones, making them a perfect partner for Nudie. If you’re ever in the LA area you HAVE to check out the Nudie Jeans House and if you make your way Downtown, stop by Handsome Coffee House to support an awesome local business. Nudie would approve. Thanks for having me Nudie, I will be back and my bank account will not be happy about it.

Cheers, Chanelle.

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