Mulberry’s Candy Pink Denim Bags

In February, Mulberry released 3 bags made out of Candy Pink quilted denim. They are the Lily, The Small Bayswater Satchel and the Bayswater. I saw a preview of these bags last year, quite a few months before they actually got released, and I literally fell in love with the Lily (above). I started saving for it because it combines everything I love; denim, pink, a small bag and cross body. I did save up enough money to buy and it and I am really glad I did. If any of you wanted, I can do a review of the bag?

I wanted to show you all how pretty they are. They have got a few mixed feelings from Mulberry lovers online, but I think that’s because they are denim and quite pink. But since we are all denim lovers here, they are more in favour to us! The actual real colour is definitely more pink in person! The Mulberry photos make the bags look more washed out than they are unfortunately. But what do you think of Mulberry’s Candy Pink quilted denim bags? Do you like them? Buy these three bags online at

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