Madewell’s Denim Road Trip

Madewell is planning a road trip! To promote their denim line, the brand will be kicking off a 14-city trip and be giving away free pairs of jeans. The trip kicks off today, April 12th, 12 pm at the Astor Place store, and will be visiting the following cities; Boston, DC, Charlottesville, Columbus, Chicago, Madison, Lawrence, Boulder, Palm Springs (during Coachella!), San Diego, Los Angeles, and Seattle. In each city, up to 5 cards for free jeans will be hidden near the Madewell Airstream van. You can keep up with the denim road trip on Madewell’s Twitter or Facebook.


  1. I was at the Astor Place trailer and I got my hair fishtail braided for free [: I didn’t have time to look for the cards though since I was in a rush to get somewhere but got distracted by FREE BRAIDING and spent an hour waiting [;

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