Lana Del Rey in G-Star

Lana Del Rey was spotted on her way out of the Radio One Live Lounge in West London. She wore a pair of G-Star 3301 Straight jeans in Medium Aged. Lana has worn quite a few pairs of premium denim. I wonder which is her favorite brand so far?

I will admit that Lana’s music is borderline lullabies, but I don’t find it horrible. I do find the remixes and covers to be more interesting. My favorite so far has to be the John Meyer cover of Video Game. It has the same tone, but somehow has a bit more interest to it for me. You can click here to purchase G-Star at RevolveClothing.

Image Courtesy of G-Star &


  1. First off, Lana Del Rey is awesome. Secondly, this is denimblog, no one cares about your personal opinion about what you think of someones music. Stick to critiquing fashion which you’re not much better at.

  2. Personally I like her music, in a sort of depressive way, it’s unique. But I definitely understand why others don’t like it, it’s a unique taste as it’s so different I think.