Justin Bieber in G-Star and Selena Gomez in American Eagle

Selena Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber held hands after having lunch together at Panera bread. The previous day, the couple were seen having a picnic lunch together, but were snapped by the paparazzi.

Selena’s style has definitely got more relaxed when she’s not filming or on the Red Carpet. She wore a pair of American Eagle distressed capris with a tee shirt and scarf. Selena is definitely loyal to American Eagle, we’ve spotted her out quite a few times in the brand.

Just as Selena loves American Eagle, Justin loves G-Star. He wore a pair of dark wash slim fit G-Star jeans with a G-Star by Marc Newson hoodie and sneakers. I’d love to see Justin out in a pair of Diesel jeans, I feel like they’d fit his style perfectly!

Images from INFdaily.com

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  1. Hi! I just have to know if you know anything about this. I am from Sweden and have heard for a while that justin has met and is still talking with a Swedish girl. They met i think in germeny when Justin was on tour and Amanda was on wekation(dont no how to spell that) why I’m so curious is because my sister knew this girl for very long time ago and she also heard it from her friends. I know nothing about the girl more than she has instagram where her name is magnusson08 and she is very cute i think!
    I have also had a bieberblogg and then somebody wrote something about this but I did not take it seriously at first, but now that my sister told me and I heard more about it, it seems supposed to be something. And for a long time ago i Amanda tweet to Justin that she miss him and he answer back missu2. I support Justin if he’s coming out with that he’s like phone dating (like My sister says) this girl cuz she seams sweet, but i dont think its ok to selena cuz i love selena!! i think this is a big secret but i really wanna know, cuz if it is this way maby he’s coming to Sweden !! 🙂
    If you know anything you maby will blog about it or answer in the comments! Take care / Marielle (sorry if My english is bad:))