Emma Roberts in Erin Wasson x RVCA

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Emma Roberts in these Erin Wasson x RVCA denim shorts. She broke them out to attend the second weekend of Coachella, rolling them down and paring them with a fringed bandeau top.

Normally, I think that Emma looks really cute and I know it’s Coachella, but I am just not a fan of this look at all. I definitely think she could’ve styled them a little better! What do you think of Emma’s oufit?

Image from Pacficcoastnews.com


  1. Arghhhhhhhhh!!! I’m so over seeing those coachella pictuuuuuures!!! I so wish I was there!!! I heard it’s amazing! Btw, get pics of Nina and Ian at the festival because they look terribly hot!

  2. put. a. shirt. on. I know it is hot, but seriously, this is trampy. Lots of cute tops to choose from out there.

  3. Firstly – I just hope that unbuttoned isn’t a new trend. What’s next? Unbuttoned and unzipped with your underwear visible?

    Secondly – I just see these festivals moving further and further away from music (some of the lineups really just stink) and its seems more about celebrities being seen and an excuse to dress all hipster hippy (which in itself is a contradiciton, as a friend put it its more hipster than hippy).