Distress Your Denim In The Grand Canyon!

This May, Vancouver entrepreneur Fred Weisberg plans to throw your jeans off a 2,000-foot cliff into the Grand Canyon. The event, registered with Guinness World Records, will launch his concept of Social Jeans Finishing. His vision is to create compelling experiences combining iconic locations, astonishing events, extraordinary people, custom design and a wink and a nod, infusing those elements into your jeans. Participants will live an exclusive adventure through social media, share professional video and photos with their friends, and ultimately wear the unique story.

The epic plunge into the abyss has been planned with and will be executed by two world-class BASE jumpers and captured on video by a team of professional climbing photographers. The unusual jeans treatment also includes physical embellishments – a custom label, a commemorative rivet, and special embroidery – plus a dip in the Little Colorado River, a bruising on 250 million year old rocks and a helicopter rescue. The primary appeal though is the extraordinary adventure embodied in your jeans. Your clothes can say something real about you, but only if you put a real story into them – In2my Pants!

When I heard about all of this, I thought it was such a cool idea! The jeans will actually be thrown off the top of the Grand Canyon and will fall 2,000 feet to the ground! They will get distressed by the rocks as they fall and smash into them and then they will get a different colour as they land in the muddy water at the bottom. I really wonder exactly how they will turn out. It’s definitely something different! What do you think of it? You can watch the video of Fred explaining the event below.