Denim Review: Hudson Nico in Cherry

This weeks review is on a pair of Hudson Jeans Nico second skin skinnies in Cherry. I got sent these by the brand for reviewing which I am very grateful for, but I can’t say I like them as much as my other Nico’s that I have.

The Nico fit is one of their classic super skinny jeggings with a medium to a higher rise and flat back pockets. These don’t feature their signature pointed v flap on the back. I already went into detail before about the Hudson Nico (which you can read in this review here) so I wont repeat myself and bore you with that if you are a regular reader. In comparison to the Nico in Chelsea though, these do fit differently. The material is a blend of cotton and something called PES. I’m not exactly 100% sure what PES is, but it’s quite scratchy and stiff. I guess you could say it makes the denim feel thinner but stiffer at the same time and the inside of the denim, when it’s against your legs, feels quite rough actually. I find this material doesn’t make the Nico fit as nicely as it does in regular denim, it’s not as slim and fitted or as smooth, in my opinion.

The Cherry wash though is so pretty! It’s actually quite similar to my Joe’s Jeans in Geranium, but it’s got a more dusty and faded appearance, so it’s not as intense. It’s definitely a nice colour. I myself would have named it something like Watermelon or Strawberry though as it’s not as red or dark as cherries, so that might be a little confusing. The Watermelon colour that Hudson have is actually more like a pink colour, I guess that’s accurate as well for the shade. But this Cherry wash does literally go with anything, it’s not too bright and strong due to the faded dustiness that it has, so it doesn’t make you feel too conscious if you are afraid of colour, but at the same time it really brightens up your outfit.

Overall, I can definitely say these are not my favourite Nico’s due to the fabric content. My favourites are my Chelsea wash and then followed by the Scarlet Coated Red, so these would definitely not take the top spot unfortunately. I think though, if they made these in their normal classic denim, without the PES, they would be perfect! I would love to own all of the colours then! Hudson have 6 available and they all vary. There is Cherry, Watermelon, Tangerine, Lemon, Berry (mint green) and Lavender. I think the Lavender and Lemon are beautiful colours! Since I do have sensitive skin though, I think a lot of you probably wouldn’t notice the fabric content, but for those of you who itch with polyester etc, I think you might notice the PES like I do. Other than all of that, they are very pretty, I’m just a little sad about the cotton blend because they could have been perfect for me! Buy these jeans online at for $154.

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  1. Thank you for the review!! I really like your honesty when it comes to fabric as it is the biggest dealbreaker for me.

  2. We have these at my store and they are incredible (of course they look even better on you 😉 We also have the berry (ice blue) color and they are amazing. You would like them I think.

  3. PES is a type of yarn used in the weft developed by the mill to increase comfort and stop the ‘scratchiness’ of polyester in the jean…
    if you are allergic or sensitive to polyester in general i would stay away from high stretch jeans 🙂

  4. Thanks for the update 🙂 Generally I’m good with high stretch jeans that are just spandex, elastane or lycra, I’m just no good with the polyester or scratchiness of PES. That’s actually funny they use PES to stop the scratchiness of polyester because PES is way more scratchier and rough than I’ve ever known polyester to be, ha ha.