Denim Review: Earnest Sewn Harlan Crop Twill jeans in Orange

This weeks review is on a brand that I haven’t tried before, Earnest Sewn. I got sent their Harlan Crop Twill jeans in Orange to review and try, so this is my first time ever wearing a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans. As far as denim brands go, it’s safe to say I have tried about 90% of them, so it was quite strange that I hadn’t taken to putting on a pair of Earnest Sewn’s actually, but I do find the brand quite hard to come by over here in the UK, so that might be why.

I took my usual size of 27 in these jeans, but since I hadn’t had anything to compare my sizing to before, I think I probably should have taken a 26. The jeans do fit me in the butt area really well, but the waist is a tiny bit loose and I’m sure you can see they are quite loose and baggy in the legs too, especially from mid thigh down. I do think though, this is because of the cut. I do have an issue with having baggy legs in jeans because I do have smaller than average legs, even though the rest of me is in proportion, so it causes an issue sometimes and that’s why I usually stick to jeggings or super skinny ankle peg jeans as they are cut skinny the whole way down.

Also, since my legs are quite short, well compared to models anyway, they fit me like skinny jeans more than they do cropped jeans (even though the inseam states 28 inches). They hit at my ankles which is where I like to wear most of my full length jeans. I’m thinking these would fit me a lot nicer if they were cuffed, so next time I wear them I am going to cuff them a couple of times and that should sort out some of the bagginess. The rise on these is a good height too, it’s the perfect height for me, but as you can see it is a low rise of around 7 inches.

Three things I love about these jeans though is the wash, the back pocket positioning and shape and also the material. The Orange wash of these jeans is so nice! It’s not an intense orange, I would say it’s more of a dusty one. It’s definitely bright and strong, but it has a dustiness to it which mutes the shade just enough to be really wearable. It’s a really nice colour that stands out and makes a statement in an outfit in my opinion.

The back pockets, as you can see, are really flattering. They are positioned pretty much perfectly and the pocket shape is slightly tilted so they make the butt look rounded and nice. I really like the jeans for the back pockets alone! The fabric is a mix of cotton and elastane, but it’s a thinner denim and it’s very soft and comfortable. I could definitely wear these for a long period of time without feeling uncomfortable, plus they are very breathable so they will make great summer jeans! I also like the fact they have a black print as the waistband patch instead of an actual patch, I think that’s a nice touch!

If I could change one thing about these jeans, the only thing it would be is to make them skinnier all the way down so that they fit more like a jegging, but that’s just my personal preference. I’m pretty sure they would fit most of you really skinny as they do on the model on the Earnest Sewn website. It’s just an issue that crops up a lot with me, and those with smaller legs. Everything else about them is really nice, I can’t say I have any other issue with them. How many of you have tried Earnest Sewn? Do you like them? Buy these jeans online at for $188.

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  1. “Women’s jeans saw the biggest drop-offs in 2011, with dollars down 3.3% to $7.79bn and units down 6.7% to 311.7m, reported Women’s Wear Daily.”

    Why do you think this is when there is the biggest selection of jeans ever at the moment? how would you get women back into wearing more jeans? 🙂

  2. I’m not sure where they got those stats from, but I would doubt that it was true, jeans are the most popular piece of clothing around. The only thing I could think of for the money side of it would be the Recession that we went into last year and people couldn’t afford retail amounts, but it wouldn’t stop them buying or wearing jeans of cheaper prices or finding designer jeans with a lower price tag like on the outlet or sample sale websites for example. Maybe they just mean the amount spent on jeans was less, but it doesn’t mean that women stopped wearing them because I honestly couldn’t believe that to be true at all 🙂

  3. I love the brand Earnest Sewn. They make a truly designer denim with the hand-finished jeans. These seem to be a J Brand looked likey in twill. I think they look great on you, particularly from the back, and yes you should roll them to get the right shape for that style. They look spot on for size! Any tighter and you get those unsightly horizontal lines on the back thigh that scream; “These don’t for me” These are widely available on line though I have not seen them in UK shops. Perhaps a nude court would update the ubiquitous skinny jean, though I love your orange shoes! I’ve just bought some tight to the knee flared Earnest Sewns in dark indigo wash for a work look. Love them! And I agree I went a size down too. Great blog btw. Keep it up!

  4. Glad it helped you Victoria! I am quite fond of the brand too, their jeans are very well made. The fabric of these is quite thin so I don’t think it would give those tight lines on my legs, they were quite loose, but it probably would be too tight in the butt area, so I’m definitely going to stick with cuffing them instead to make them fit better. The flares you bought sound really nice! Which ones are they?

  5. The cut is Lau and they are a dark rinse. LOVE! Wearing with an espadrille wedge with a leopard print toe peaking out, and various summer jackets. Very London work wear. Vx

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