Ashley Olsen in Earnest Sewn on Stylemint

Ashley Olsen wore her trusty custom fitted pair of Earnest Sewn jeans in Daija for Stylemint. I wonder if Ashley has multiple pairs of these. I know she got a pair of the Wiltwyk wash custom fitted as well. I would like to see her pull those back out. I loved the tearing that she put in them.

Have you guys tried out the Stylemint tees? I think they have some great styles. I think their striped tee with the pink and orange is a great one and will look great on many girls. You can click here to purchase Earnest Sewn jeans from their website.

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  1. Thanks for posting 🙂 I actually thought the wash on Ashley O.’s pair was the actual wash so I was looking for them to appear as is. Does anyone know how I would be able to achieve that look on these jeans? Sorry if it is a crazy question. Thanks!