Zac Efron in WeSC

Zac Efron was snapped by the paps as he was arriving for an appearance on the “Today Show” in New York City. I am assuming he was on the show to promote his new movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

I absolutely love Zac’s style, I think he dresses really well, all the time. He was wearing a new pair of WeSC jeans here with some blue suede shoes, an aviator jacket and some Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. As soon as I saw this wash, I completely fell in love with it. I think it’s gorgeous, it actually reminds me of a Nudie wash. This wash is the Gosh wash and he’s wearing it in the Eddy cut. You can buy these jeans online at WeSC here.

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  1. Yeah they are WeSC, I saw the white strip on the coin pocket and the lower rivet. He seems to love WeSC jeans. I have no idea on the wash though, I looked all over and couldn’t find it, so I am assuming it’s new and not released just yet. I’m trying to find out. It’s gorgeous isn’t it.

  2. Yeah it is
    I also tried to take a look but I didnt find this one, I’m gonna try to contact WeSC and see if they can help me to find out what’s wash is it, but anyway we gotta say that Zac always chose the right jean 😉

  3. I will 😉
    Although I’m kinda miss his “Diesel time” when he used to wear Diesel Thanaz 73J, 8DK, 8SV, 8LP…

  4. Oh I do too, I loved his old Diesel jeans, he really wore Thanaz so well! I think he looked great in the Nudie Thin Finns too! I messaged the company and they said it looks like the Gosh wash, but I’m not sure, his have a little distressed patch on his leg, that Gosh wash doesn’t, so I am still finding out.

    Edison, I think it’s a bit too blue for 8SV and it doesn’t have that streakiness that 8SV does, but I can see what you are saying!

  5. I just found out, they are the Gosh wash, but Zac’s look more blue from the flash of the camera and the distressing might be something he did on his own. I’m adding a link to buy them in the post now!

  6. I got some doubt because on the website there is no hole, and on those pics I see like a lil hole on the right leg, am I wrong ?
    and the wash doesnt seem exactly the same…idk

  7. I know what you mean, I asked about the hole too, they said Zac put it their himself. I don’t know. I had a look in some other photos and it looks like the lighting is really bright here from the flash, in the other photos they look more like the ones on the website.

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