Rag & Bone Metallic Jeans Now Available

The Rag & Bone Metallic Leggings are now available. If you are looking for the next big thing after neons, metallics are the way to go. You can choose between the Champagne Metallic (above) or the Rose Metallic (which you can see below) at Shopbop. These are some amazing metallics. I like that they have a pale metal tone, but still look like metal and are quite wearable. They also come in their legging fit, which I find to be one of their best. They are really comfortable.

I am surprised to see that the blue metallic (which you can see here) are not available. I thought they were an amazing color. You can click here to purchase the Champagne Metallic and here for the Rose Metallic both for $198 at Shopbop.