New Bella Jeans by J Brand

I just came across these J Brand Bella jeans in Vivid a couple days ago. I think they are amazing! They definitely suit the name it has perfectly. I love that J Brand took a vintage approach without sacrificing an amazing fit.

I think the detail on them is really great. The wash alone is just perfect. It is one that you can wear with anything, but the little details are was caught my eye the most. They feature details that we don’t usually see in a pair of J Brand jeans. They have a double stitch inseam as well as outseam (the usual stitching is single and just at the inseam). There’s also two extra belt loops compared to their classic pairs. The last detail is that these don’t have rivets. There is just little stitching of “X’s” in their place. I think that detail is one that they should start adding to some of their other jeans. It is one that I favored most about these. You can click here to purchase these jeans at MadisonLosAngeles for $198.