LOOK BOOK: Genetic Denim Spring 2012

Here is the new Spring 2012 Look Book from Genetic Denim for both the men and women. I actually really like this Look Book, I find it to be quite refreshing and different compared to most of the denim Look Books out at the moment. The thing that caught my eye the most with these styles is that they stayed true to denim.

They created some double denim looks and classic jeans as well as some fun overalls and bright colours (mostly coral and teal with some hints of lilac). They haven’t ventured into the prints, neons or waxing that everyone else did. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love some of the prints out right now and the neon jeans, but it is definitely interesting to see Genetic Denim stick to the basics and what they know best! What do you think of this Look Book?

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