Lindsay Lohan in Alice + Olivia

Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving rehearsals for SNL in New York. She wore a pair of bright red Alice + Olivia jeans with some ankle boots. It is nice to see Lindsay wearing some of the newer trends. It seems like the last trend we wrote about her in was when she was caught in the studded Siwy Hannah in Libertine. I hope to see her wear a pair of the Paige Tumble jeans. I am really interested in seeing how she would style them.

It seems like returning to SNL has really lifted Lindsay’s spirits. It’s great to see her start to feel and look positive again. What did you guys think of her return to SNL? I found that the skits, when she hosts, were always funny, especially the Debbie Downer skit. That has to be one of my favorite skits of all time, along with Janet Jackson’s Escalade and Soak Cork sketches. Seeing the actors laugh just makes them funnier. Buy Alice + Olivia at

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