Kate Bosworth in Double Denim

Kate Bosworth was spotted at the Screen Actors Guild building in Beverly Hills, California. I wonder if she went to get a new photo for her Actors ID Card? She wore a double denim look for the meeting. She paired an ombre denim shirt with some denim leggings and some Vanessa Bruno boots.

I’ve been waiting to see someone wear an ombre denim shirt. I thought the detail was amazing after seeing it in the men’s Phillip Lim collection. Leave it to Kate though to try something new. She is one that is not scared to try out something new.

Images courtesy of Pacificcoastnews.com & INFdaily.com.


  1. what the hell happened to her? She was so pretty in blue crush and went down here from there. Skinny like that isnt genetic, its called not eating. Eat a little will u.

  2. I love ombre denim shirts! I bought one a couple of weeks ago, it’s a brighter blue though. I might share it on here soon! It might make an interesting post.

  3. dont you ppl think she looks sickly thin? Women are so stupid, you comment on clothes and fail to look at the PERSON as a whole. Obviously this girl is brainwashed by Hollywood to look frail and thin. Skinny is sexy , im skinny, but this is someone not eating and her body is dying. Such materialistic society we live in OH but her outfit looks good. right??? wtf

  4. We generally comment on fashion only, it’s peoples own choice to be skinny, average, bigger etc, I think as we don’t personally know them, it’s unfair to comment. Unless they look really ill from it. I think Kate looks ok for her, I haven’t seen her look any other way but like this, so I don’t know of her any different. She is thin, but are there pictures of her any bigger?