Heidi Klum in J Brand

Heidi Klum was spotted having a girls day with daughters Leni and Lou in Malibu, California. She wore a pair of J Brand Shorts in Bright Fuchsia with a tee that was the exact color. Heidi seems to be favoring shirts with the same color/tone as her shorts. She was spotted wearing the Siwy Camillas in Desert Rose with a similar toned shirt a while back.

I think Heidi is the only one that can pull off a whole hot pink look like this and not look tacky. It is definitely a very bold color, especially for the a beach day. The only other person I can think of wearing this color from head-to-toe is Paris Hilton and I have to give the award to Heidi for actually making this look wearable. You can click here to purchase these shorts ON SALE at Singer22 for $79.50.