Denim Review: Rockstar Jersey Biker Jeggings in Blue Black

This weeks review is on a pair of pants that I bought from in the sale a few weeks ago. They are the Rockstar Jersey Biker Jeggings in Blue Black wash. I have always been a fan of the brands fit, I find them really flattering and I adore soft jersey material, so I definitely wanted to try these. Having a biker pant in soft comfortable material was definitely a bonus to me!

The Rockstar biker fit is actually one of my favourites, I love it! It’s just like a pair of biker jeans with the seams around the knee areas and on the thigh, although the knee placements don’t quite fit me in the exact place due to my legs being shorter than the inseam length, but that’s fine, they are only a little bit out of place. I do find the stitched seams to be quite tight though, I have quite small legs anyway, and I still find them to be quite tight and a bit restricting around the knees. I would definitely say that these are more suited to those with slimmer legs due to that. They are very flattering though. I find with biker jeans, sometimes they make your legs look quite padded out and thick, but these definitely don’t due to the jersey material.

The fabric of these is incredibly soft! It feels just like a pair of sweat pants, it’s really stretchy, comfortable and cosy, although it’s a tiny bit rough on the inside. I love it though! It’s really nice wearing a pair of jean style pants that are not made from denim, it makes a nice change actually. The only downfall to this material though is that it’s the worst hair/fluff magnet fabric I have ever had. The first time I wore these, they got covered in dust and fluff all over, it’s that fabric that draws the air particles to it unfortunately. That aside, they are definitely gorgeous! I took these in a size S as they don’t come in waist sizes and they fit me perfectly, I’m usually a 27 for your sizing reference.

The Blue Black wash of these is really nice too. It’s not fully black and it’s not blue, it’s a mix in between and it also has some dusty grey undertones to it. It’s a very vintage looking wash as it has streaks over it, much like they have been worn quite a lot and the black has faded. I think that’s a great touch to add to the biker pants because it suits the tougher look of the style.

Just like Rockstar’s classic Biker jeans, these have the zippers above the back pockets and the inseam ankle zippers. I love these little touches. The back pocket placement is something that I find amazing about the brand, they have such a good fit, they really make the butt look good in my opinion. I also really like the inseam ankle zippers more than I would if these had outerseam ankle zippers. They look more classic and they give the open seam effect without being too obvious. I would definitely recommend these to you though, they make a fun alternative to denim, they are flattering and very comfortable! Buy these pants online at in the sale for ┬ú65.

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