Levi’s Launches Made & Crafted Store

The newest iteration of Levi’s brand expansion is a shop within a shop, the Levi’s Made and Crafted store. The higher-end segment of the brand, has launched its first shop in the Levi’s flagship store in San Fransisco.

The shop features items such as cashmere sweaters, leather jackets, and of course, American-made denim. The store itself is furnished by local furniture maker/artist, Sebastian Parker, who included details such as knotted rugs made from vintage Levi’s jeans. As brand manager, Ben Phillips explained, “On one side of the first floor, you have a section devoted to the evolution of the 501, starting in the 1800s, and on this side, it’s all about the next chapter for Levi’s.”

Check out the forum post to view more photos.


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