LeAnn Rimes in Rag & Bone Tuxedo Jeans

LeAnn Rimes sure loves her Rag & Bone jeans. She was spotted in yet another new pair that I am really excited to see on someone. She wore a pair of the Rag & Bone Tuxedo Zipper Capri jeans in White. I love the tuxedo stripe on these. I also like the inseam zipper that they have. They fit LeAnn really great. I love the cropped fit and the slouchiness, it’s different look than what we usually see her in. I wonder which ones we will see her wear next? I am hoping the Scuba jeans.

This style is just great. They don’t just come in monochromatic colors either. They have many color choices to choose from. You can either choose between a colored stripe or colored jean itself. You can click here to purchase Rag & Bone jeans at Shopbop.