James Franco directs short films for 7 For All Mankind

A couple of months ago, 7 For All Mankind announced that James Franco would be not only starring in, but also directing their upcoming Spring ad campaign. The newest installment from the collaboration between James and the brand, will be a mini film series.

The series which will be released in 10 episodes, has a 70s style vibe. As James explained, “The look of the film and the clothes feels very Seventies. We shot right on the beach and drove up the PCH [Pacific Coast Highway], so I guess you could say it’s a vintage 1970’s California dreamy feel. The movies that I cut together have a lot of weird double exposures and super-imposed images over other images, so it’s a real, I guess you could say, trip.”

While the first episode will not be released until February 15th on YouTube, you can get a preview of what’s to come by checking out some of the ads from the campaign below and check out a preview video here.

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