Denim Review: MiH Vienna Jeggings in Joplin

I’m doing two reviews this week and the first one is on the MiH Vienna 5 pocket legging jeans in Joplin wash. I got these jeans as a Christmas present from MiH Jeans and I am very grateful to the brand for that!

MiH Jeans have always held a little soft spot in my heart as it’s so close to home. I’m English and have lived in England all my life, just like MiH Jeans was born in England and remains true to its heritage. I took these in a size 26 because of them being super stretchy, I knew I would need to size down. I’m usually a 27 in MiH Jeans, however I am a 28 in the Pinetop and Breathless washes due to the material content and stretch. Hopefully that helps with sizing. I would definitely say size down one for these.

The Vienna cut is wonderful! It’s a low rise jegging and it’s so soft! I honestly can’t get over how soft the fabric is and how silky and comfortable they feel on my skin. They are amazing to wear! If I could change one thing though it would be the calf area, from the knee down I like my jeans to be really skinny, like proper leggings almost, but the Vienna cut is cut a little looser from the knee down. This is a good fit for most people, but for me, I have very small calves so I struggle finding super skinny jeans because of that reason. Having them fit like this though makes them look and act like regular jeans, but with extra comfort, so it’s not all a negative.

The fit of MiH Jeans is definitely one that’s flattering for ladies with smaller butts as well I find. The back pockets are cut quite square and positioned very central on these, so they are nice. They sort of lift the butt up, but they don’t make it round if you have a bigger butt. I myself find the rise always to be really low in the back, but that is because my tush does stick out ha ha. The inseam is quite long for me too, but that’s purely because I have quite short legs. In general though, I think these are gorgeous! They are definitely my favourite cut from the brand so far! I honestly can’t even explain just how soft, smooth, comfortable and almost delicious the fabric feels. They are honestly incredible to wear. You could wear these all day, like I did, and still be as comfortable as the moment you put them on!

The Joplin wash is also one of those washes that is classic and timeless, but it’s my favourite kind of dark wash because of the subtle sheen that it has. Under the light, it gives off that look of depth and richness, rather than just a normal flat dark blue wash. These jeans could literally be paired with anything though, any colour and fabric pretty much and they can definitely be worn casual or smart, they are completely versatile, so that makes these a very good classic jean to own.

I would say if you are looking for an English jeans brand and a very soft and silky pair of jeggings, these could definitely be one that I recommend to you. Make sure you size down from your usual MiH Jeans size and they should be fine! If any of you have tried the Vienna cut let me know, I would love to know how you got on with it too! Buy these jeans online at for £148.

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  1. MIH Jeans are gorgeous. I have the paris aviator in olive and I wish I had more from MiH…the back pockets are perfection! Love these jeggings!

  2. I think the jeans are very nice but what i read from your review is that sizing with this brand is an issue, you seem to fluctuate between a 26-28 (3 sizes) so never buy these online. You then mention that, to be honest as nice as these jeans are; for a tall, small ‘tooshed’ girl; they shouldnt be reccommended to anyone under 5’6 due to: they fit as a slim (straight from the knee down) rather then a jegging, the rise is too low for girls with bigger ‘tooshes’ and the inseam is way too long. i do like your reviews but this is almost misleading. πŸ™

  3. Hi Kate, what is it that confuses you? They aren’t straight from the knee down, that would mean they are straight legs and they are not, I just meant they are cut more like a 12 inch skinny from the knee down rather than a super tight jegging from the knee down. I never mentioned anything about height, I’m 5ft 5 myself, I’m not over 5ft 6. You can wear them bunched at the bottom or just get them hemmed, my actual leg inseam is around 30 inches, so I have shorter legs. The rise is low, I always find that MiH Jeans back rise is quite low and having a bigger butt means the rise is lower because your butt fills it out more. The sizing though, it does vary between 3 sizes. I am a 26 in these jeggings, purely because they are very stretchy. Is there anything else you are confused on? Remember my reviews are based on my body shape and my experience with these jeans, that’s why I asked if anyone else has tried them too so you can get their experience. Let me know if I need to clarify anything else πŸ™‚

  4. Wow those are so pretty, the wash is gorgeous. But (like you say) they do look a bit big on you in the legs. However these sound like a jean I should try; low waist, long legs and bigger in the calves! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the review! I absolutely love the jacket, sooo pretty, I am myself looking at a pink jacket, but can’t decide if I should get it in pink or orange/red. πŸ™‚

  5. I think they would be the perfect jean for you then if you have that body shape πŸ™‚ And you should get pink! If you love it, it’s definitely a fun and bright colour to have, although red is probably more versatile. It depends on what colour you love πŸ™‚