Denim Review: J Brand 901 Leggings in Coated Red

This weeks review is on a pair of jeans that I have been in love with for many months now. The J Brand 901 Leggings in Coated Red. I got sent these by Trilogy Stores to review and I was so excited to get them! I remember the first time I saw these jeans on a celeb, it was on Rihanna (I added her photo to the gallery) and I thought they looked incredible on her! Then when I tried these at Donna Ida for the Denim Clinic visit, I fell in love! I have included one of those images too.

These jeans were actually my first time trying the 901 fit. Usually I find J Brand to be quite sturdy and not super stretchy, so it was a nice suprise to try these and find that they actually are very stretchy and comfortable. They are a legging jean and they fit well with a low rise and a shorter inseam. They are definitely a great fitting legging jean, I am very tempted to try more of their 901 leggings out actually, in normal denim. The only thing I find to be different with this particular pair is the back pockets, they seem to be set wider apart than the other J Brand’s and that’s not something I am fond of. I prefer the back pockets to be positioned in the middle of the butt, not around the sides, so that’s one thing I would love to change about these.

I sized down to a 26 in these (my true size is a 27) and although they fit, they are very tight. They have stretched out a little bit, but from this I would be inclined to say these run true to size. A 27 would have fitted me much better, but unfortunately it was out of stock. The fabric blend of these is also just cotton and elastane, this makes me really happy because a lot of coated jeans have polyester and other fabric blends in them.

Now for the wash, this Coated Red colour is stunning! I love the shade of it, it’s such a rich and deep red and it’s beautiful, it goes with many things and there is nothing negative to say about the colour at all. As for the coating on these, it’s a lot different to most waxed jeans. Usually waxed jeans have a thin layer of coating on them and you can feel the denim through it, but these have a thick layer of coating all over them, which feels quite plasticy actually, but it’s not on top of a thick denim so it doesn’t make them stiff and uncomfortable. The fabric moves well even though it’s very coated. These actually look a lot like leather so J Brand did an incredible job with this waxing technique!

There is one negative to this fabric though, the wrinkling! As you can see from my photos, these wrinkle an awful lot, because the fabric is so thin and stretchy, which makes it clingy, combined with the heavy coating, it really does make the jeans bunch up all over the legs, especially just under the butt area and around the knee/ankle area. I am hoping that this will disappear a bit with more wear, but I am unsure on that due to the material. I would say, maybe, to avoid this wrinkling effect, go up a size? I haven’t tried a 28 in these so I can’t be sure it would eliminate the problem, but I feel like the tighter they are, the more they wrinkle. I have got used to it though and it doesn’t look so bad from the front, I think they look quite nice from the front, it just gives the illusion that you squashed yourself into the jeans, in my opinion. A bit like a stuffed sausage, ha ha. But I haven’t (yet) worn these enough to see how they are with wear. I will keep you informed.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing these jeans in the cold though. It’s freezing cold here in England (in the minuses) and I made the mistake of wearing these out in the low temperatures and my legs froze. As soon as I stepped out, the cold hit my legs really bad, it seems like the plasticy coating on them gets cold very quickly and it makes all of your legs freezing. These are definitely warmer weather jeans in my opinion! One thing that’s really good about these J Brand jeans though is that they are not a hair magnet! Usually every pair of coated jeans I have had attract hair, bits, fluff and everything else, but these don’t. Nothing sticks to them at all, that’s a huge bonus!

Although I have listed a lot of points about these jeans, I do really like them. I think they are one of the best coated red jeans on the market, they look a lot like real leather even though they are denim, they have a wonderful fit from the front, they are very stretchy and comfortable, they don’t attract hair and fluff… They have many good points! I would recommend them to you definitely if you want nice coated red leggings, just don’t size down in them and hopefully that might make the back pockets fit the butt better as well as limit the wrinkling a bit. I did notice that Rihanna’s pair didn’t crease up as much as mine do. Buy these jeans online at Trilogy Stores here.

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  1. I have two pairs of the 901s in different washes and in my opinion, it is the BEST denim legging out there. The back pockets (on their regular denim 901s at least) are perfect. I do agree that they run true to size. Thx!

  2. Hi chrunchy 🙂 I haven’t actually worn them more than twice at the moment, they are a bit uncomfortable to wear around. So I am unsure! Maybe I will try them again soon!

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