Denim Review: Diesel Thavar 8QL

This is a guest denim review for our male readers on the Diesel Thavar 8QL jeans from a long time jeans lover.

I have been a fan of the Diesel brand for many many years now, back in the days of the Farco through to Slammer and now currently with the Thavar jean, with many different cuts in between. I had a bit of a break from them for some time, mainly as they seemed to lose their way with some quite shocking washes, but I have been drawn back in recently with the much improved wash designs. They are still a long way off classics like 772, 71B and my personal favourite 61x though, but the past few months they have been getting better again.

These Thavar 8QL jeans are a darker blue jean which have a slight dusty wash and have a few distressed holes on the front. One is quite large, perhaps too large, as it has been responsible for getting my foot caught putting them on! The details on these jeans are really nice even though they are pretty basic, even down to the simple stitching on the back pockets, plain rivets and button. Compared to Diesel jeans a few years ago (like 71J, 772 etc), they are what could be considered boring, but these days I prefer the more toned down look, not all covered in rust and lots of bullet holes!

I am a big fan of the Thavar cut, it’s a slim straight leg, quite fitted below the knee and it has a medium rise. It also has a zip fly. I own quite a few jeans in this cut as I find them very comfortable and easy to wear. This wash is one of the comfiest I own, the denim is pretty thin so you don’t feel too constricted, yet after some wear, they haven’t stretched out, unlike other washes in this cut. They seem to keep their shape quite nicely. I took the same size in these Thavar 8QL as my other Thavar jeans and they fit well.

Overall, I like these jeans a lot, not my absolute favourite jeans, as I have jeans with better washes, but they are definitely my go to pair if I want a more comfortable jean with a nice simple looking wash. Buy these jeans at here OR at here.

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  1. dislike this wash especially on men!
    it’s all about the clean subtle washes on men! i wouldnt even go near someone who walked into a pub in these!

  2. I think it’s really nice, I am bored of the clean cut washes, they are so plain. I think the plainer washes suit a more smart look, but for casual, distressed is my preferred.

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