Ciara in Citizens of Humanity

It looks like Ciara is ready for spring! She was spotted out wearing Citizens of Humanity’s Chloe high-waist cut off shorts in Navy.

I have the feeling we’ll see a lot more celebrities wearing these shorts once the weather gets warmer, the floral is perfect for spring and summer! Ciara has been featured on the blog a lot lately, she’s been wearing a lot of really great styles. Its still early in the year, but I wonder if she’ll end up being a denim diva for 2012? Buy these shorts online from Shopbop here.

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  1. The hair needs to go, asians and blacks with blonde hair bother me. Its like looking at the sun directly! The outfit is cute if you are at the beach which this girl probably never goes to.

  2. @surf she has plenty beach pics…I love citizens of humanity..n I agree she has spark this trend datin back 2 tha Hombre hairstyle