The Nikko Jeans by J Brand

J Brand has found a new love…and it is zippers. They released yet another pair of with one of my favorite details ever, the Nikko. I love all the new names that they are coming out with for their jeans this season. I am so used to seeing just numbers like the 910 and 912, but the names are quite a refreshing take by J Brand.

The Nikko is a super skinny style that has velvet panelings at both the hip and the inner legs. I actually think this style is a great one. I think that it would look great in many color combinations. I will admit that this one is not my favorite color combo. For some odd reason it makes me think of Cruella deVille even though they are a blush tone not grey/silver. I am just having one of those weird brain moments. Other than that, I like how the velvet adds texture to the look. What do you think of them? You can click here to purchase these jeans at the J Brand website for $255.