New Styles by Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone have come out with another great printed jean. They have released their Legging in what they call the Surfer Knit print. I think they got the perfect name for this wash. They made me think of (and want to go on) a tropical vacation right after I saw them. The print is my favorite that has ever come out by anyone. The color combination is perfect. The shade of blue is just beautiful. I think they should not limit this print to just the jeans. It would look amazing on some tanks and short-sleeve button-ups. It is just all round perfect. You can click here to purchase these jeans at Bloomingdales for $187.

Rag & Bone also released their leather pants in a new bronze color. So if you are waiting in anticipation for their metallic jeans to come out, you can get a head start with these leathers. They are just as their name says, bronze. A metallic color that will blind everyone around you with its shine. You can click here to purchase these pants at IntermixOnline for $990.