Givenchy Fall 2012

Whenever I see Givenchy each season, the first thing that pops into my head is the song The Double by We Fell to Earth. The dark theological theme each season just goes well with the melancholic vibe of the song, in my opinion.

For this season, the theme was still as prominent as in the previous ones. He incorporated the theme into his other inspirations of Minotaurs and Americana (hence all the stars and stripes). Ricardo Tisci does such a great job incorporating the theme with other inspirations, they never look confused or that they are clashing. The bomber jackets are great. I also love all the denim this season (something that is rare from such a high fashion men’s brand from Paris). There was also no shortage of kilts this season just like the other ones. You can see all the kilts and denim in all their glory below. You can also join in discussions about high end brands in our community here.

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