Denim Review: Hudson Nico Super Skinny in Scarlet Coated

This weeks review is on the Hudson Nico Mid Rise Super Skinny jeans in Scarlet Coated. Sorry that I haven’t reviewed anything for a couple of weeks, unfortunately over the holiday period I had flu and as it was the holidays, I decided not to review anything for that time. I actually got sent these as a Christmas present from Hudson, but I have decided to review them anyway!

I did review a pair of their Nico jeans a few months back in the Chelsea wash (which you can see here) and I mentioned back then that the cut was a mid rise super skinny. As I am used to wearing low rise jeans though, these feel almost high rise to me. Usually I am really bothered by having jeans that have higher rises because I find them to not be as flattering on the butt and restricting around the stomach, but as these are like jeggings, I don’t have any issue with them because they are so stretchy, I barely notice where the waistband hits, which is a good thing. Also, unlike a lot of other higher rise jeans, the back pockets remain in the same position. Some brands will place the back pockets higher on high rise jeans, which annoys me a lot because it makes them less flattering. I’m pleased these don’t.

The Nico is also one of Hudson’s more simpler jeans, they don’t feature their signature pointed flap pocket. These have normal flat pockets with a small raised V shape on them. This is also another thing that pleases me about these jeans because I find that the regular flap pocket jeans are not very well suited to my body shape. I feel that they don’t flatter my bum very well and generally I find flap pockets to have ‘too much denim’ on the butt. The Nico is a really nice change from the classic Hudson’s.

Since they are jeggings as well, they are very clingy and super skinny, they are a lot like how a denim legging should be. However, this particular pair, the Scarlet Coated, do fit slightly more awkward than the regular denim Nico’s. This is purely because they are coated though. The waxing finish on the denim gives them a stiffer appearance and feel so they make the fabric a lot more creased. I’m not saying this is Hudson’s fault though, this is something that happens on every single pair of waxed jeans and honestly I think it can’t be avoided. I have tried many coated jeans in the past and they all do the same thing. It’s not something that bothers me, I don’t mind that wrinkly look that they have, but I know some of you might. If this is the case then I probably wouldn’t recommend any coated jeans to you.

The colour of these though is beautiful! I have a passion for dark red denim, it’s one of my favourite colours when it comes to jeans and these are a really good shade! They are a dark red, but not too dark and they are not an orangey red either. I find these to be the perfect shade of deep red. I would say though (as I included some stock photos too since it’s very cold outside and I wore a lot of layers making it a little harder to see all of the jeans) that the photos of the jeans on me, is very representative to the colour of them in real life. The stock images seem to be a little lighter. Of course this does depend on your screen as well though.

The only bad points I have to make about these jeans is that they are one of the worst hair magnet jeans I own. Again, this isn’t specifically because of this pair, but in general, the coating on waxed/coated denim really attracts fluff and hairs. After wearing these for a while with my coat, they were covered in a lot of white fluff and it’s not that easy to get off either. I will give a style tip for coated jeans and obviously that would be ‘don’t wear them with items of clothing that malt or are fluffy’, that way you can avoid it as much as possible.

One other point is that I would love it if they were even more shiny, I really love coated jeans and I haven’t been able to find a pair yet that are extremely coated. I’m wondering if that’s because adding too much of it to the denim will ruin the jeans or because not many people want to make them too shiny. That’s just my personal preference though and it’s not something I’m desperate for, I am perfectly happy with these how they are.

I would absolutely recommend these to you though! Based on the cut (which is a wonderful cut) and the deep red shade of the denim, they make a really good combination and they are also a prefect colour for the colder months. They have that Winter shade of red to them. Plus, I find the coating on the denim keeps you a little more warm than regular jeggings! These are also even more perfect for me in the fabric department too! So many waxed jeans have polyester in their denim blend, these don’t! They don’t irritate me at all like a lot of other coated jeans have done.

Just for reference in sizing too, I took a 27 in these and they fit me fine. I would say they were true to size as I am a 27 in most premium jeans. However, I do have a couple of Hudson’s in a 28 so I might be inclined to say these run a tiny bit bigger than the brand usually does.

Have any of you tried Hudson’s Nico skinnies yet? In all honesty, I wear my Nico in Chelsea a lot, they became one of my go to pairs of jeans as soon as I got them, they are wonderful so I hope these turn out the same! You can buy these jeans online at Hudson for $198.

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