Denim Review: Current/Elliott The Stiletto in Grey Leopard

This weeks second review is on the Current/Elliott The Stiletto skinny jeans in Grey Leopard. If you are big fans of DenimBlog, you might remember when I first posted about these jeans and fell in love with them, many months ago. I finally took the plunge and bought them from Shopbop a couple of weeks ago and I am so happy that I finally did! I was hesitant for such a long time about spending so much money on a ‘fun’ pair of jeans, but I realised that these can easily be a staple jean as they are subtle!

The fit of these is actually my favourite cut from Current/Elliott. The Stiletto is their perfect skinny jean! It’s got a shorter inseam so it hits at the ankle and it’s super slim all over, the rise is low and I find it to be their most flattering cut. I took a size 27 in these instead of a 26 because I wanted to be comfortable in them from the off, usually I wear mine around a bit to stretch them out so they fit perfectly for a long time, but I realised that I usually end up wearing my jeans a little looser most of the time as it’s much more comfortable. I would say these ran true to size though and the denim is comfortable as it’s 98% cotton and 2% elastane.

Now the leopard print, where do I start! These are actually my favourite leopard print jeans that any denim brand has ever brought out! I love them even more than those Rebecca Minkoff ones from a couple of years ago! What makes me attracted to these is that they are subtle, unlike most brands who make the leopard print really full on, these are much more easy to wear because they essentially count as grey jeans. I also really love that the leopard spots are in a darker grey instead of a different colour and the fact that each leg is different, they are not symmetrical, makes them even better!

I can definitely see why these have been one of the brands biggest sellers! Everywhere has been restocking them constantly and so many celebs have worn them as well as many other bloggers, they are just such an easy take on the leopard print trend and so versatile! I’m glad that Current/Elliott know this too because they released these leopard jeans in so many colours! One of my favourites being the Fig wash, which is a dark red, and most recently, the new pastel shades! How many of you are a fan of their leopard print jeans? I would definitely recommend them to anyone! I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and bought them! They make such a fun addition to my jeans collection! Buy these jeans online at for $198.

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  1. I got these when they first came out and they are so fun! I actually went on to get the polka dot stilettos that C/E did with Net-a-Porter (after I saw them featured on this site, actually!) and I think I love them even more than these. but they are both versatile ways to perk up the usual denim outfit. Some of the C/E jeans aren’t my faves because of the huge, long back pockets, but the stiletto doesn’t have that issue and neither does their Skinny. I have to say I like the Stiletto, but I think The Skinny from C/E is probably my favorite skinny of all time! Fit is great! Enjoy your leopards!!

  2. Oh the polka dot ones were really cute Jen! I liked those ones! I find the skinny and the stiletto are the best as well on the butt, they pockets are not too big on them like you mentioned!

  3. Love the greys on you! I too was hesitant to spend so much on a pair of β€œtrendy” jeans but Piperlime had a 20% off promo so I splurged on the peachy leopards and am so glad I did. I am pairing it with navys and charcoals until it warms up. C/E deserves all the accolades they are receiving for this style, a must have for all denim connoisseurs!

  4. These are super cute on you! I’m new to current/Elliot. I’ve heard they stretch out a ton and was told to go down a size or even two. Do you find your current/Elliot’s stretching out a lot?



  5. Hi, I don’t find them to stretch out a huge amount, but that’s dependent on which jean you are buying. Their older jeans used to stretch out a lot, but the newer ones don’t as much. You do need to take a size smaller though. I’m a 26 in Current/Elliott to fit properly and I’m usually a 27 in every other brand, so they do run a size large! Which ones are you thinking of buying?

  6. Thanks!

    I’m thinking of the grey leopard and the ankle skinny in tie dye.

    I’m pretty close to your sizing in jeans! I’m 26/27 in jeans. I’m a 26 in Joes Jeans but recently bought a pair of their color skinnies in Nectar and found I needed a 25! Don’t know if it was just those color jeans.

    Any advice on grey leopard and tie dyes? I’m debating between 25 and 26 – a little nervous!

    Love all your reviews!!


  7. Hi! Yeah the Joe’s Jeans coloured ones run small, I’m a 26 in them, the same size I am in Current/Elliott, so you might need a 25 in the Current/Elliotts. Any way you can order both to try?

  8. That’s what I’m thinking I might need to do! Will let you know how it goes when I get them!

    Thanks for the help! *fingers crossed*


  9. PS I know the Joe’s Visionaire Skinnies in color run small. I tried on a pair over the weekend. But had gaping. So I got these skinny ankle Joes in bright nectar. I believe those ankle skinnies came in a ton of different bright and fun colors – those were the ones I had to take a 25. I think it might just those ankle color skinnies that I needed in a 25. Probably wouldn’t be able to pull up pass my hips if I got a 25 in other brands! >_<

  10. The 55 colors collection of skinnies, which the Nectar is from, do run bigger yeah. I’m a 26 in them, but I can fit a 27 in Joe’s regular jeans. So to me, CE jeans run the same as the 55 colors Joe’s Jeans collection. Does that help?

  11. Hi Lorna!

    I got them today!! I also bought the crimson tapestry. I got them all in 25. The tie dye one feels like a jegging. They all fit skin tight, super snug. They all took some work getting them on! If I wear them, it’ll be no desserts for me! If they stretch out with wear especially the waistband, then they’ll be good eventually.

    I’m thinking the 26 would have been a perfect fit. Ahhhh…I’m torn. Debating to exchange them for 26. We’re similar in size. Have your 26s stretched out?



  12. Hi! Don’t worry, everything is super skin tight at first, that’s how jeans are supposed to be because with wear they will mould to your body πŸ™‚ How tight are they? Are they really painful and cutting in to the point you don’t want to have them on? Or are they just tight? That’s the deciding factor on if they will stretch enough to keep or if they literally are too small. Let me know!

  13. Hi Lorna!

    So after trying them several times yesterday and today, I think I’m going to exchange them for a 26. They sit on my lower hips and the waistband is snug. They’ve stretched out a little since I put them on for the first time. But the waistband….eeeks! I compared them to the Joes I have in 25 – they sit slightly higher than the CE. So I think that’s why I was able to get away with a 25. I just hope the 26s won’t have gaping. Any gaping issues with CE for you in 26? I get them with some of the Paige jeans. >_<



    PS Thanks for all the quick replies and advice! You're the best!!

  14. That’s a shame they are too tight on the hips! Have you tried wetting the waist and stretching it a bit? When I have a 27 in CE (I’m a size bigger than you) they are loose for me, they are a bit loose in the legs and a bit gappy at the top of my butt, where the back curves. Which is why I always take the 26 and stretch them a little bit πŸ™‚

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