Denim Brand: Twelveounce Denim

Twelveounce Denim is a denim brand that we have just found out about at DenimBlog! The brand has a different take on denim to most premium denim brands, they have some key points that they make sure they stick to. The key points are:

– Never using any less than 12 ounce Japanese Denim throughout the line.

– Their jeans are all hand tailored in Los Angeles.

– Their main focus is using the very best materials and they are able to do so by working directly with the mills of Kaihara.

– The denim used is exclusive and limited and they are known for their attention to detail and custom fits/cuts.

I have included 6 photos in the gallery below, 3 of them are editorial shots from their look book and the others are of how their jeans fit. So guys, what do you think of Twelveounce Denim? You can find out more about them at their website here.


  1. Hey everyone, sorry for the late reply. We are hitting market this February (making our debut at Project in Vegas Feb. 12th-15th. We will be at all of the top stores in LA & NY but ask for us at your local men’s boutique if we aren’t in your neighborhood by this summer!!