Zac Efron in ASOS

Zac Efron was seen leaving The Today Show to promote his new movie New Years Eve in New York City last week. I find it really humbling how Zac has never let fame get to his head, he still holds the door open for other people which I think is great.

Zac wore a pair of ASOS Carrot Chinos in Grey with an ASOS Slim Fit Oxford Shirt in Blue, brown boots and a leather jacket. I never actually expected to see Zac wearing ASOS clothes. He looks really good though, he always knows how to get his clothes fitting him perfectly. He’s always had great fashion sense. Buy these chinos online at ASOS for ┬ú32 here and the shirt for ┬ú26 here.

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  1. Hmm curious to why several sites have said he’s wearing these clothes from ASOS because i’m not seeing it. The shirt is definitely not the same and the pants are quite a bit different also. weird

  2. oh really? interesting. yea that may be then. To me, it’s not just the ‘fit’ though. There are better pictures where you can see the collar and it’s totally different than the one on the site and the pant stitching and just the style altogether is quite different. I WISH they were from ASOS…I would have both both of those items already haha. I just don’t see it. but hey, they’re close

  3. I will look into it. Sometimes it does happen, there can be a miss communication from the stylist or publicist so I will double check. He always seems to look good though doesn’t he!