Video Denim Review: Bleulab Detour Leggings

Here is a video review of Bleulab’s Detour Leggings in French Chalk with Plum Coating. I mentioned a while ago that I would be doing a video to show you how the details like the zipper and buttons work and just how easy it is to turn them inside out. I reviewed them the regular way a few months ago (which you can see here) but I think this way shows them off a lot more. What do you think of the first DenimBlog video review?


  1. It makes me really want a pair of Bleulab now! and Lorna, I couldn’t help but notice your pretty fingers LOL 🙂

  2. Lol! Pretty fingers? That’s got to be the strangest compliment I’ve ever had lol 🙂 Thank you though! You should get Bleulab though! They are great jeans!

  3. I think the side seams on the grey side and the front wash being slightly lighter than the back gives the illusion of longer, slimmer legs, not that your legs are not already great lol, but to me its sort of working like that Stella McCartney dress that Kate Winslet is always wearing.

    Also, love the wash of the jeans you’re wearing in this video Lorna, and I think your bangs look super cute.

  4. I agree with you Sophie, the seams also come to the front more on the legs so they are not exactly down the side. I think that helps too! Those jeans I am wearing I will be reviewing soon, they are a pair of Diesel jeans and thank you, so many people have said they love my hair but I’m still so unsure on it lol.

  5. Bought this pair jeans after reading your review. I think the fabric is very soft and stretchy and love the cutting too, but the texture of the secondary side makes skin feel stinging. Do you feel the same?

  6. I have been wondering how those jeans “works”. Thank you so much for a very informative review. What a great idea to make a video!

  7. I do feel the same Whitney, I really only wear the purple side because the coating on the purple against my skin is itchy to me, I have sensitive skin so it feels really itchy. I understand what you mean. I think it only counts for people with sensitive skin.

  8. Anne, yes you can wash them, they say machine wash on low and tumble dry on low. Like most jeans. I think the coating will stay for a few washes but then in experience any coated jeans then start to fade after a while.

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