LeAnn Rimes in Rag & Bone

LeAnn Rimes was spotted arriving at the Cookies For Kids For Cancer event in Malibu, California. She wore her favorite brand of the moment, Rag & Bone. She chose the Skinny jeans in Kensington. These are one of my favorite washes of not just Rag & Bone, but jeans in general. Everything about them is just perfect.

LeAnn is slowly creeping up to taking the Rag & Bone crown away from Khloe Kardashian. She has been caught in many pairs by them, just like Khloe, ever since she wore the Skinny in Red. I’m not sure if she has every pair like Khloe, but she has many. You can click here to purchase Rag & Bone jeans from Shopbop.

Image Courtesy of WENN.com