James Franco’s 7 For All Mankind Behind The Scenes Video

Back in November, 7 For All Mankind announced that James Franco would be directing their upcoming print and video campaigns. This past week, James, along with model Lily Donaldson, filmed the campaign in Los Angeles. About his next project, working with 7 For All Mankind, James said, “People are used to movies being told in a certain way. It has an emotional arc and there’s a beginning, middle and end. But in a fashion campaign like this, you have some of those elements ÔÇö actors and performers and a set and wardrobe ÔÇö but you don’t have the burden of telling a story in the same way or attracting audiences in the same way. So you can use all the elements from a film but explore it in a new way.”

While the entire video and print ads will not be released until March, you can check out this behind the scenes video above from Just Jared.