Favorite Celeb Outfit: Heidi Klum Part 1

We see the celebs wear so many different outfits, we thought it would be fun if our readers got to pick their favorite! Here are all the various outfits we have blogged Heidi Klum in and please vote for your favorite! We mean your favorite by her head to toe outfit, not just her jeans! What do you think she looks best in?

If you hover your mouse over the pictures they each have a number assigned to them for the poll.

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Which is your favorite Heidi Klum outfit?

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  1. It would be nice, if there were an arrow, so you could scroll through the pictures, to see which look you like, rather than clicking on each picture, then going back, clicking on an other, it’s very time consuming..or is there a way, & I just don’t know it..

  2. There is another way, if you click one of the photos in the gallery, under that photo is the previous or next photo from the gallery so you just click on it. Let me know if you can’t find it.