Diesel Fit For Life

We mentioned before that Diesel were re-launching their women’s collection and we can now share with you the new styles. ‘Fit your attitude’ is the new name and concept for the brand. While built on core Diesel values, the Spring/Summer 2012 Preview is a completely new collection with a fresh approach. Which means even higher quality and improved silhouettes in a modernized, strengthened and re-energized collection bringing together the best of the label’s heritage and an extra dose of Diesel daring. It’s a collection aimed at grown-up women – aged 25-35, brave, sexy and playful, with a real attitude. This is a lot different to the previous demographic.

It’s a new beginning for Diesel, the first collection created by a new style team. It began its work by understanding the new Diesel woman’s attitudes, desires and needs before rethinking her wardrobe. What does she really need? What does she think is an absolute must? Then it got to work and the result, from jackets and shirts to denim and dresses, provides her with something for every occasion and her every desire. I have seen the brand new collection at the headquarters in London this week. I will be sharing those pictures with you soon!

This isn’t just about a one-off collection; it’s about building the foundations for a whole new approach to how women dress in Diesel. It’s about creating new, but instantly iconic pieces that use ever-higher quality fabrics, with improved finishes, new silhouettes and better-fitting shapes, including a new 5 pocket line completely re-designed to flatter women’s bodies. And give her the right attitude.

The Diesel Spring/Summer 2012 Preview collection, inspired by the biker jacket, will be delivered in two stages. The first was released in November and the second will be in time for the Christmas and New Year festive season. The first arrival mixes black leather and denim, featuring touches and accents of burned orange, alongside long, soft, figure-hugging skirts and dresses that emphasize the body. The second comes with an attitude: leather jackets paired with viscose dresses and shiny sequins, and denim jumpsuits that come covered with zips to give another vision of the rock’n’roll woman. The color palette is based on solid blacks, whites and greys, but also features Diesel favorites such as military green and indigo. This foundation is supplemented by a high-impact, seasonal burned orange.

The 5 brand new cuts for Diesel are the Grupee, Getlegg, Bootzee, Highkee and Myguy styles but they have since added Flairleg. Six new styles for six new attitudes in a new story about women and their sexy and extremely comfortable denim. These will come in lots of different washes and be the only cuts available for the women now. It’s an end of an era for Matic, Lowky, Nevy, Louvely and more though, which does make me a little bit sad. The new styles do look good though.

Grupee: a super-slim-fit jean with a super-skinny leg, it features a higher yoke and draws its inspiration from a strong and free spirited woman in a sexy night out at a club.

Getlegg: a slim-fit pair of jeans with skinny legs but wider at the knee and with a higher back that’s perfect for a real and positive girl in her free time and everyday life.

Bootzee: jeans perfect for dressing up and hard days work, to feel sensual and sophisticated. A thin bootcut leg on a regular slim fit, with higher back pockets and a regular rise.

Highkee: the “night around town” denim, inspired by the fifties era, for a fashionable and chic look. Straight leg and slim fit with high waist and taller back pocket to guarantee a great look on the back.

Myguy: boyfriend jeans designed for spontaneous and playful women; the perfect denim for browsing a flea market on a Sunday morning. They feature a boyfriend-leg cut and a relaxed fit with a low crotch and slightly tapered leg.

All six styles have common features, though. Such as the construction of the belt area, which allows the waist to sit comfortably on the hips without leaving marks. Or the side seams, which are molded to the body and double stitched to balance the front and back. Or the higher yokes and bigger back pockets, which make your “derri├¿re” look better. This creates a new and distinct common identity for all new Diesel denim, which is further aided by the use of a common back patch and back pocket eagle design. So what do you think of the new look for Diesel women?